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by admin on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 at 1:24 pm under Insights.

With the largest holiday buying season in full swing, all shoppers and businesses alike will have noticed the tremendous spike in advertising and marketing campaigns… but how do you make your company stand out of the crowd during this overly ad-saturated season? Squid Ink has a few quick insights for you before heading back out in to the holiday rush.

One thing to consider asking yourself before promoting a new campaign during any holiday season is, “What do our customers really need to know now, that is different from any other season of the year?” If you just want them to know your product exists, you maybe falling short. Remember, consumers are bombarded with ads of all types, from digital to print, social media to hidden QR coded messages… you want to stand out by understanding what your customers really need and applying this to your campaign.

All consumers need context, remember this! They want to know why your product or service is a good choice for them or the group they are purchasing for. If you show them an ad, make sure the context is also applicable to the specific reason for purchase. The more you can appeal to their need for the product, versus just the desire for it, the more they feel the need to buy. Context driven marketing also helps campaigns target specific demographics, especially in the age of Facebook and the technology generation gap that is still apparent. Embrace the mobile movement!

Consumers at the holiday season also want a story and a connection to you and your product. This is a season tied to emotion and they need to know how your product is made and/or what brought you to create it. This marketing tactic is extremely valuable if you have an environmentally conscious product, or something that stimulates the local or national economy during its current state. Remember, the passion that drives you to sell, can inherently drive them to buy!

Finally, target consumers’ seasonal behaviors. Analyze your target market’s specific seasonal buying behavior and realize that generally, no matter the state of the economy, there will still be peaks and valleys in purchase trends for your specific product. Do your research diligently for previous seasons and find out if your prospective consumers respond best to pre-holiday sneak peeks, frantic Black Friday sales or if they are the ones that hold out for post-holiday deals. Anticipate their behavior and you will build their anticipation to buy your product.

Take this advice and step back to appreciate the sales that come rolling in faster than Santa’s sleigh! For now, and in expectation for tomorrow’s turkey fest, we wish you all a wonderful holiday weekend from our Squid Cave to yours!

Meeghan Dunleavy, Director of New Business

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